As an only child I’ve never had the experience of having small children especially infants around me.

However I had the opportunity of observing my cousin’s son learn to walk a month or so ago and through that experience I learnt an important life lesson.

Toddlers love to explore and nothing gets in the way of where they want to go. They’ll twist through the smallest gap just to see what’s on the other side and once they can stand they realise walking is more efficient to get to said desirable destination, but walking is difficult. At times they fall, at times they stumble and at times they need something to hold on to but with persistence they finally master the art of walking and soon they will be running ????.

When it comes to business and life in general we are all faced with uncertainty, set backs, insecurity and self doubt to get to where we want to be and it saps your spirit and resolve.
But if you take a moment to consider how all of us learnt to walk you will realise it didn’t happen overnight. Weeks and weeks of falling and stumbling got you here but the relentless pursuit is what strengthened your leg muscles to get to the next level.

So when you are feeling sad and defeated because your business is struggling, you can’t get a job or that pretty girl isn’t giving you attention just remind yourself that what matters most is to keep going, keep trying and eventually like a child learning to walk you will get there..

There’s no limit to the places you can go if you are willing to take the first step. But you have to start and keep going…

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