Dawn of a new era in Zimbabwe, what do I do now???

The events in Zimbabwe over the past few weeks have been insane almost reads like a plot from Game of Thrones or something,

Now that the euphoria has died down , the burning question is ;so what happens next? especially for those in business who’ve been waiting on the wings.

Since 2013 it’s it’s been a nightmare to run a profitable business let alone keep it afloat. It’s been hell on earth to say the least.

Most of us are low on confidence and beaten because the journey had reached unprecedented levels of pain.

But as they say, life must go on regardless of the circumstances.

Now we all know Zim’s problems aren’t going to be solved overnight and it’s a fact that politicians worry more about winning the next election than anything else hence if you are looking for encouragement in the new government, you may not find it immediately.

The onus is on us as businesses people to take initiative.

We’ve been given a fresh start of sorts, there’s a little bit of stability and certainty that hasn’t been there over the past few years. It’s not heaven but it’s something.

You’ve gotta open your eyes now and read the situation and seek out opportunities that aren’t yet apparent and get things going. This is not the time to feel sorry for yourself and lick your wounds.

In Shona it is said “Shiri yakangwara inovaka dendere mvura isati yanaya”, which translates to ‘A wise bird builds it’s nest before it rains.’

The time to secure the bag is now , here are my suggestions :

  1. Pay attention to the news especially businesses related news and any new appointments and policies that may beneficial to your industry.
  2. Do an inventory on your finances and state of your business especially your tax position.
  3. Visit old customers or clients and find out if they are looking to reinvest in their businesses and how they generally feel about their future prospects. Check the temperature of the business community so to speak.
  4.  Invest in marketing material such as calendars for 2018 to give your prospects and show that you are committed to provide your services in the coming year.
  5. Keep a sturdy eye out for new opportunities and beat the foreign investors that may trickle in to take over.
  6. Upgrade your company website and be prepared to get your business into tip top shape.
  7.  Don’t despair or be negative, your struggles in the past few years weren’t personal so don’t take it personally. It happened to the best of us.
  8. Be optimistic, small businesses should be at the forefront of job creation, it’s our time to shine and build a better Zimbabwe that we can all be proud of.
  9. The best days are ahead of us so take risks and innovate.

Remember this festive season is not for festivities, it’s time to prepare for the new year. You don’t want to be blind sided and and lose ground to foreign investors.

And by all means, don’t over plan, get started, the rest is clock work !!!!

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