Cr6 2
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  • CR6 (Change of Location)
  • Relocation
  • Change of Physical location of Business
  • It serves the main purpose of confirming to the company, as well as to members of the public who have dealings with the company, where the offices for the company are:


What is a CR6?

A CR6 is the official document that shows your business’s physical address and postal address.

Why should I update it?
  • As a startup business you usually use your residential address as your business address, but as your business grows and you scale you may move it to an office or building and find it essential for your company documents to reflect that move.
  • A business address is more professional and appealing to investors and clients.
  • Your business may relocate to a different city.
  • You may sell your company or dilute your shares to an investor and decide to use a new address for the business.
How long does it take?

5 to 10 working days.

Which documents do I get?
  • A new CR6 with updated addresses.

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