Secure The Bag ?

The other day I was having a mini consultation with a client and I kept emphasizing that he really should focus most of his time on generating sales to grow his business.

From experience I know this is almost always easier said than done.

The cold hard fact is when you analyse any struggling or failed business you will always find low sales at the heart of the problem.

It’s difficult to admit this and even though some other factors may exist, their effects are usually secondary.

Almost everything you do in business either increases or decreases sales. Everything either helps or hurts your Business.

With that in mind, it then follows that as a business owner you should focus on generating sales every hour of every day.

Most businesses executives will tell you sales are the most important aspect of their business yet an analysis of how they spend their time will tell a different story.

Too much time is spent on fruitless meetings, discussions, paperwork, administrative work and a variety of other activities that contribute absolutely nothing to sales generation.

If you are a sales manager or business owner, you must discipline yourself to focus most of your time and attention on getting your salespeople to generate the sales on which your company depends.

You must spend 75 percent of your time working with your salespeople and accompanying them when they visit your customers to make presentations and sales.

Do your paperwork before or after work, but during working hours, when customers are available to be seen, you should dedicate yourself entirely to sales generation.

One of the most important questions you can ask as a salesperson, entrepreneur, or business owner is whether what you’re doing right now is leading to a sale?

Ask this question of yourself repeatedly throughout the day. Every time the answer comes up ‘no’ ,you must immediately stop whatever you are doing of lower value and turn your attention to sales generation.

In addition, make sure that all the people who are responsible for sales in your company ask and answer this question in the affirmative all day long.

Secure ? the bag ? and everything else will fall into place!

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