Show me the money ????

The timeless scene from the movie Jerry Maguire emphasises a critical part of business that is often overlooked.

Tom Cruise plays a recently fired sports agent who’s gone independent and is trying his best to retain his old clients. The client ( Cuba Gooding Jr) who sticks with him emphasises that in order to keep him he’ll have to show that he can make money for him, everything else doesn’t matter..

Simply put, the key aspect of business is to grow and be profitable..

Thousands of bankrupt or insolvent companies have been analyzed over the years to determine why they failed. After all the data was sorted and studied, virtually every business failure came down to one reason: “low sales.”

In contrast, whenever a business was succeeding, growing, yielding profitability, increasing its share prices, and offering opportunity for more and more people, the reason boiled down to one factor: “high sales.” Everything else was secondary.

Almost everything you do in a business either increases or decreases sales. Everything either helps or hurts. Everything either attracts and keeps more customers—or drives them away. Everything counts when it comes to sales.

Whether you are a salesperson or a business owner, you require the self-discipline to focus and concentrate on generating sales every hour of every business day.

In a study conducted, the average business owner or executive—who professed that sales were “absolutely essential” to survival and growth—was spending only 11 percent of their time on sales and marketing. The remaining time was spent on meetings, discussions, paperwork, administrative work, luncheons, and a variety of other activities that contributed nothing to sales generation

If you are a sales manager or business owner, you must discipline yourself to focus most of your time and attention on getting your salespeople to generate the sales on which your company depends.

You must spend 75 percent of your time working with your salespeople and accompanying them when they visit your customers to make presentations and sales.

Do your paperwork before or after work, but during working hours, when customers are available to be seen, you should dedicate yourself entirely to sales generation.

Remember, ‘if it doesn’t make any dollars then it doesn’t make any sense (cents).



Show them the money ????


Contains excepts from the book “No Excuses The Power of Self-Discipline” by Brian Tracy

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