The importance of Discipline in Business..

The very fact that a person has the courage and resourcefulness to start a new business means that he or she has above-average levels of natural talent.

The reason why so many entrepreneurs underachieve and fail is that they lack discipline.

They lack the discipline to carefully study every aspect of the business before committing to it.

They lack the discipline to test their assumptions rather than jumping to conclusions and hoping for the best.

Don’t let this happen to you.

The carpenter’s rule is “measure twice, cut once.”

You have to make sure that the blueprint, the first creation, is really what you want, that you’ve thought everything through. Then you put it into practice.

The extent to which you Begin with the End in Mind often determines whether or not you are able to create a successful enterprise.

Most business failures begin in the first creation, with problems such as under capitalization, misunderstanding of the market, or lack of a business plan.

Includes excerpts from The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by

Stephen Covey and The Power of Self Discipline by Brian Tracey.

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